Saturday, January 9, 2016

White Fragility and Shadow Work

I wrote an essay for the Shadow Work email newsletter for the first time in a while.

White Fragility and Shadow Work

And had some positive feedback.

"I read your article on [the Shadow Work site] site and found it easy to read, organized so I could put your thoughts together in my mind, compelling and clearly passion driven!!!  Loved it!!!"

"I just completed reading your article in the newsletter and want to thank you for your honesty  and taking the time to address things that are so very important. I put an override definition on all isims -" an emotional commitment to ignorance." Bless you on your journey Alyce. Changing my ignorance concerning isims and my white privilege has been the greatest thing I have ever put myself to learn and change in my life. It's ongoing. ... All the best, and my heartfelt thanks to you."

"Thank you so much Alyce. Your willingness to share in an open and trusting way helps me to examine my own beliefs and agreements."

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