Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I saw a photo once, of two adults standing in the aisle of a grocery store, facing opposite shelves. Each of them had a small child in a carrier strapped to their back, so the two children faced one another. The children's arms were outstretched, reaching to touch the hands of the other child. One parent and child were white, one parent and child were black. The caption read, "How peace begins."

I like to imagine other pairs of people. A rabbi and an imam. A female soldier in uniform and an Amish housewife in plain dress and bonnet. A white-blond European and an African with skin like ebony. A state trooper and a Mexican laborer. A truck driver and a bicyclist. A lumberjack and a hiker.

Children loving children, not knowing that anywhere in the world there might be parents who would dissuade them from loving the child before them. 

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