Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fire in Spring

I haven't blogged here often of late because life has been full with care of my elderly mother, who is now on hospice care. Last night at Song Circle, an improvisational singing group led by Gerry and Denise Dignan, each of us wrote about one of the four ancient elements (fire, air, water, earth) for spring and then chanted what we wrote to Gerry's guitar accompaniment. I drew Fire.


Fire in spring, the sun achieving a pale yellow after months in the wanness of frostbit winter, reaching, longing on its way to the golden of summer.
The sun lifting our eyes from sleep minutes earlier each morning as it looks ahead with eagerness to the fullness of summer's longest day.
Fire-warmed air soaking into dark earth to excite seeds and bulbs that sleep beneath the surface.
The ardent sun kissing slender branches, pleasuring the latencies that will sprout to become the darling buds of May and the lustrous leaves of June.
Sun-warmed breezes that tempt the winter-weary children of women and men out from their chill recesses of routine, their reflections in gray windows, from air vacant of the caresses of fragrance, out from the structures made by human hands into the wonder of forests, to the banks of streams and reviving meadows.
Thin sunlight melting snows on the high peaks, liquefying winter to feed the green shoots on riverbanks and baby rabbits huddled out of the chill wind beside massive boulders that wait to fill themselves and radiate with the heat of summer sun.

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Morgan Dragonwillow said...

I enjoyed reading Fire in Spring. I would love to know more about your Song Circle. It sounds very interesting.

Thank you for all that you do!

Morgan Dragonwillow