Friday, December 31, 2010

"Practically Shameless" now in its 3rd printing

Books were delivered from the printer on Wednesday, and Practically Shameless is now in its third printing!

More than 2300 copies of Practically Shameless, which is also for sale at the Shadow Work website, have been sold since its publication in February 2008.  

Practically Shameless is also available on audio CD.

If you've read Practically Shameless, please take a minute to visit the book's page and click "Like" (a small button to the right of the 5 stars).  Thank you in advance!

Friday, December 3, 2010

A holiday reminder

A reminder, that my audio CD, "Home for the Holidays: Tips for a Practically Shameless Holiday Season " is available on CD and download for as low as $9.95.

I've received some wonderful testimonials to the CD since its debut two years ago, most of them of an informal or confidential nature that I couldn't easily share.

The economic downturn was already in full swing when I released the CD, so I kept the price as low as possible so that as many people as possible could afford it.

I hope you'll decide to find out what other customers have discovered, that "Home for the Holidays" can help at a difficult time of year!

Best wishes for a lovely, and a practically shameless, holiday season!