Friday, August 13, 2010

Voting for the mosque near Ground Zero

I think the plan to build a mosque near Ground Zero in Manhattan is an excellent idea. It will highlight the cherished American belief in freedom of faith.

More important, to me, I think it will point to the difference between Islam and the ideas of those who committed the atrocities of September 11.

Islam is a religion of peace, piety and beauty. Islam has, and never had, anything to do with the extreme views of those who commit murder, though they may have used it as an excuse.

Most of the Nazis who murdered Jews in concentration camps called themselves Christians, yet acted in ways that most Christians find completely abhorrent. Of those who feel upset about the mosque near Ground Zero, let me ask: How would you feel about a Christian church built near Auschwitz? The camp stands for murder committed under the hijacked banner of a religion, and the church stands for the love and peace of genuine Christianity.

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