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Issue 34, Shadow Work email newsletter

The latest issue of the Shadow Work email newsletter went out yesterday. Here it is, minus a few items of interest only to subscribers. To subscribe, go here.

Issue No. 34
August 2010


Section 1. Butterfly at Rest, A Commentary by Alyce Barry
Section 2. Trainings and Workshops
Section 3. A Few Thoughts on Becoming a Quaker,
A Commentary by Alyce Barry
Section 4. News Bits
Section 5. Final Thoughts


When I think about my totems, it seems to me that some
of them are so symbolic of the work I have to do in this
lifetime that they will be with me my entire lifetime.

My lifetime totems include spider -- a powerful totem
for a writer who wants to weave a web for the reader
to fall into with pleasure -- and squirrel, who helps
me be prepared by storing nuts of wisdom for later.
(Squirrel must be the one who's helping me keep money
for emergencies in a savings account!)

I've come to believe that other totems appear when I
need to learn what they teach.

During the six years I lived in Colorado, I saw a lot
of eagles, particularly when I lived in a little town
called Lyons in the foothills of the Rockies. I learned
a lot from eagles about soaring and reaching my most
spiritual places, nearest the sun. An eagle means to
me I will be put to the test, and if I succeed, how I
will love to coast down from the heights I'm capable
of reaching.

Then I lived in Longmont for three years, where I
rarely saw eagles but saw dozens of turkey vultures
on an almost daily basis. I learned a lot from turkey
vultures about making do with what I had. I received
several very helpful messages on the way to the store
to buy things I discovered I didn't need.

Since returning to Illinois last year, I've seen
a lot of butterflies. . . .

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Training details and contact information are on the
Calendar of Events.

Basic Facilitator Trainings
Cotswolds, England, September 27 - October 2
Cotswolds, England, October 16-22
Boulder, CO, December 4-12

Advanced Facilitator Trainings
Rockford, IL, November 13-21

Leader Trainings
Boulder, CO, October 3-10
Cotswolds, England, October 16-21

Weekend Workshops for Men and Women
Oxfordshire, England, October 29-31
Royal Oak, MI, October 29-31
Summit Point, WV, November 5-7
Belgium, November 5-7
Northern New Jersey, November 12-14
Louisville, KY, November 19-21
Houston, TX, December 3-5
Massachusetts, December 3-5
Moscow, Russia, December 10-13
Oxfordshire, England, February 25-27, 2011
Oxfordshire, England, June 10-12, 2011
Oxfordshire, England, October 28-30, 2011

Weekend Workshops for Women Only
Houston, TX, September 17-19
Munich, Germany, November 12-14
Osterstedt, Germany, March 4-6, 2011
Munich, Germany, April 8-10, 2011

Weekend Workshops for Men Only
Moscow, Russia, September 9-12

Introduction to Shadow Work
Summit Point, WV, August 28

All workshops and trainings are on the calendar.

A COMMENTARY by Alyce Barry

I recent became officially a member of a Quaker
meeting I've been attending off and on for nearly
25 years.

This is the first time I've been a member of an
organized religion since my twenties, and I felt
a good deal of trepidation about it.

I became a member both to express my commitment
to this wonderful community of people and in order
to serve on a committee which cares for the
spiritual life of the Meeting and requires
membership in order to serve.

Quakerism and the ideas of Carl Jung meet quite
happily, and a good deal has been written on
that subject. Quakers don't have a written creed,
but they nevertheless have core beliefs. Perhaps
the most central is the belief in "the Light,"
referring to the presence of the Divine within
every person. During silent worship, most Quakers
seek the Light inside themselves in order to
experience the Divine.

I have visualized this "seeking the Light" in
different ways over the years. Originally I think
I pictured the Light as a candle flame, and myself
as an eager observer. While there was a certain
awe as I watched the flame, this image never
stirred my heart very much.

A few months ago, during silent worship, I
visualized myself standing in a very bright shower
of light coming down from above ...

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Edie Campbell and Paul McNicholls have joined the
ranks of certified Shadow Work facilitators.
Congratulations and welcome! They both live in
the UK, Edie in Guildford, Surrey, and Paul in Bristol.


"I am a hole in the flute
through which the Divine Spirit breathes
to create beautiful music."

-- Hafiz


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