Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dance at Columbia College Chicago

I went down to the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago twice recently, because a Quaker friend, Madelyn George, is a student there.

On April 29th I saw her choreography project "Rediscovering Ceremony" performed by a troupe of11 dancers, and it was marvelous. In fact, it brought tears to my eyes at one point, when some of the dancers were lying down in columns, each dancer holding the feet of the dancer above her, and then rolling, like a rolling DNA strand, while the remaining standers stepped over them. There were other moments when the dancers walked to the edge of the stage and looked intently at the audience, and the image of one dancer in particular doing this has remained a vivid image for me.

The following Thursday I saw her dance in another student's choreography project, and I unfortunately lost the name of the piece (I gave back my program), which contained the word Pearl, but it was marvelous as well. It was dedicated to the young people of an African country (Rwanda?) who had been abused as children, and some of the movements were very evocative.

There were other pieces each night that were just marvelous. The first night I liked "Lux" by Kaitlin Fox very much, and "Participatory Apparatus; Cooperative Bodies" by Carly Czach. The second night I liked best a piece about violence in Chicago and another that I'm having more trouble remembering.

I very much enjoy watching dance and can't often afford it. These evenings asked only for a donation of $5, which I could manage. The skill of the dancers was very impressive and the choreography very evocative. I find that what I like best about a dance is the passion shown by the dancers; some pieces required the dancers to show their passion and others seemed not to, though perhaps it was a choice on the part of the dancers at times not to really put themselves into the work.

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