Sunday, February 7, 2010

Catching up on movies, part 2

Saw Up in the Air with my brother Tim, who was visiting from Wisconsin. Wow. Excellent acting, brilliant script. I'm really impressed.

Rented A Simple Twist of Fate from Netflix. I don't know why the description doesn't say it's the Silas Marner story. The star, Steve Martin, wrote it, and credits say, "suggested by Silas Marner" -- suggested by? There were very few differences in the plot, none of them significant enough not to say "based on." The Masterpiece Theatre production of Silas Marner starring Ben Kingsley is much better. Steve Martin does an okay job, but the script makes the mistake of being funny in places where it should be touching, which I think was the same mistake he made in Roxanne.

I'm still thinking about and mulling over Roots. I loved this conversation between Tom Harvey's son Bud and the family's white friend Martha, after a mob of sheet-covered white men whip Tom:

Bud: I'm 'a kill those white men someday.

Martha: Bud, you oughtn't to talk like that.

Bud: I'm gonna kill 'em.

Martha: Bible says it ain't right to kill people, Bud.

Bud: Do the Bible say it's right o' 'em to whip my daddy?

Martha: No, it don't say that neither.

Bud: Then I'm bound to git 'em.

Martha: Which ones, Bud? Couldn't see their faces.

Bud: I'll find a way to get the ones who done it.

Martha: Suppose you make a mistake? Suppose you hurt some white folks that ain't done your daddy no harm?

Bud: I'll do what I gotta do.

Martha: Then I guess you might as well start with me, Bud.

Bud: I didn't mean you!

Martha: Well, I sure am white. I'm white as a cotton ball. And if you starts hurtin' whites for bein' white, then sooner or later you'll get 'round to me and Ol' George.

Bud: I don't wanna kill you.

Martha: Well, that's what happens when you starts hurtin' folks for the color of their skin. You won't be any better than those men who hurt your daddy.

Bud: I hate 'em. Hate 'em!

Martha: Hate 'em for what they done, not because they's white. Me and mine is white. But we love you just like our own. If you'll let us love you.


Gail said...

Thanks for reminding us of that dialogue from Roots. Will see Up in the Air on your recommendation. Have you seen Crazy Heart, based on the book by Tom Cobb? I recommend both highly.

Alyce Barry said...

No, I haven't seen Crazy Heart, but saw a trailer for it before Up in the Air. I think the trailer wasn't very good, it left the impression of a stand-out performance by Jeff Bridges in a not-very-good movie, so I'm glad to hear it's good.