Friday, January 8, 2010

2-1/4 pounds already via the savings account method

The last week of December I decided to work on getting in shape and losing weight. I had discovered how much I gained since moving to Illinois -- between 10 and 15 pounds, and I don't know for sure how many because I'd already lost a few before weighing myself -- and it really pushed me over an edge where it's unacceptable. I'm also convinced that the sciatica symptoms are in part due to being so overweight and out of shape.

I weighed myself again this morning and discovered I've lost 2-1/4 pounds already, which is encouraging, since it's less than 2 weeks.

One thing that's helping me is a mental picture I've got of a kind of savings account, into which I deposit the calories I've burned by exercising and the calories I've reduced by eating less. I calculated how many calories I'd have to burn/reduce in order to lose 40 pounds within 6 months -- my incredibly ambitious goal -- and it comes to about 800 calories per day. That's a very high number. But thinking of it as 800 calories a day is doing a better job of motivating me than trying to achieve the 40 pounds, or trying to achieve what I'll weigh if I lose the 40 pounds. It's a day-by-day goal that I can try to meet, or at least contribute to. Some days I'll be able to "deposit" only 200 calories into the account, and that's better than nothing.

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