Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thoughts on sciatica, and apologies for desultory blogging

Sorry to have been such a desultory blogger. I've been trying to puzzle it out, actually, because it usually feels good to tell 'somebody' how I'm doing and what's up with me. I guess it's got to be fatigue - I'm often tired from taking care of Mom.

There's also the issue of spending time seated at the computer - I've got sciatica at the moment, am doing a lot to try to get rid of it, and spending time sitting down at the computer doesn't help.

I'm curious about the sciatica, actually. Louise Hay says it's fear of the future and fear about money, which is certainly true, but it's also not new, while the sciatica is new. One thing I find helpful when figuring out what a symptom 'means' on an emotional level is to look at what the net result is - what does sciatica prevent me from doing, or encourage me to do more?

It's not bad enough to put a full stop on anything I do, but it does discourage me from spending a lot of time sitting at a computer, and driving, all of which I was doing a great deal of until a few months ago.

When thinking about this last night, I realized I am most comfortable when moving around, so I could say that sciatica encourages me to be constantly in motion. But wait, that's really tiring!

I'm having trouble finding a comfortable way to watch Netflix films - even lying flat on the floor, giving my back a hard surface, doesn't always work. It's challenging to rest.

Sleeping is getting much better with my new bed, though. I discovered that I picked up an idea somewhere that I should drink a lot of water during the night (probably to flush out lactic acid), and it means I wasn't sleeping more than a few hours before needing to go to the bathroom. So I've stopped that and am sleeping 5-6 hours at a stretch, which is wonderful, though I wake up more stiff, I think.

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Gail said...

Alyce, this is fascinating! I like your take on the meaning of sciatica much better than Louise Hays's. Mine (inflamed nerve from three herniated discs from being significantly rear-ended in a car accident)isn't nearly as bad as yours, but your thought about looking at its effects seems wise. For me, it keeps me from overdoing, anything--hiking, biking, sitting at the computer, hip-hop. Overdoing is a hard notion for me to get! ;-D