Sunday, October 18, 2009

A few blocks from 40-acre Winnemac Park

Yesterday I went out for a walk, and although I planned to turn left from my street and go north to explore the Bowmanville area just south of Rosehill Cemetery, something led me to turn right instead and go south, to what I thought was simply the playfields of Amundsen High School and the adjacent Chappell Elementary School.

What I discovered was a 40-acre park, Winnemac Park, for which I can't find many photos online (I didn't have my phone with me). The park currently has some really nice red maple trees at peak color.

What a lovely place -- walking paths, both paved and unpaved -- areas of recovered prairie -- lawns for kids to run around in -- a big playground.

The playfields, incidentally, include a stadium, Jorndt Stadium, which appears to have a 1/4 mile track that's open to the public. (Wish I were still a runner! Reminds me of the track in Germantown, Philadelphia, where I ran for years in the early 1980s.) Just east of the stadium is a soccer field where I saw a team practicing.

The neighborhood boundaries in Chicago are far more elastic than I would have thought -- here's a YouTube video about the area just south of Winnemac Park, which the narrator describes as North Ravenswood and Lincoln Square. He walks through the Park and gets some fairly nice footage, taken last May, I believe.

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