Monday, October 19, 2009

Dusk walk thru Winnemac Park in autumn

I got home at around 6 this evening and took a walk down through Winnemac Park, shooting these pictures with my cell phone along the way -- sorry they're blurry, I was working quickly because I was losing the light. From my apartment I walk south on Leavitt past Foster, where I'm passing Chappell Elementary School on my left. The autumn colors are really nice right now, though some trees have yet to change.

Then I go past Jorndt Stadium on my left; you can just see a soccer game in progress with fans sitting in the bleachers. The Stadium entrance is the old-fashioned kind made of brick that reminds me of Roosevelt Pool in Glenview.

Still further south are tennis courts . . .

. . . and a large play lot, which at the moment has the Park's best selection of (small) sugar maples.

I walked east along the paved walkway that bisects the Park, with the Stadium now on my left beyond some natural grasses.

Looking east, my quarry: a stand of red maples at peak color on the east side of the Park around the Amundsen High School parking lot.

Beyond the red maples, the high school building itself. It was such a beautiful evening, in the 60s with a clear sky, so lots of people were out with their kids and dogs. The Park has at least 3 baseball diamonds, none of them in use tonight.

BY THE WAY -- uploading these pictures to Blogger was a nightmare -- why doesn't the "BR CLEAR=ALL" tag work here as it should?

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