Saturday, October 3, 2009

Colorless bathroom no more

For my three years in Longmont, Colorado, I had one of the most spectacular bathrooms I've ever seen, and certainly the most beautiful and luxurious I've ever lived with. Its walls were salmon-orange, it featured a Jacuzzi tub and a shower lined with granite and offering water from 4 directions and a shelf to sit on.

So it's been a challenge to accustom myself to the tiny bathroom in my new apartment in Chicago. There's virtually no color, or space to turn around for that matter.

And I fixed it for about 18 bucks, with a shower curtain purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond. The outer wall contains a window, and my lease makes me responsible for not damaging that wall with water. So I'd planned to put up a transparent plastic sheet to protect the window. But hah! I came up with a better plan -- I put up a colorful curtain that acts as a mural to enliven the whole bathroom. It's got 3 dolphins (2 of them leaping into the air) and a host of brilliantly colored undersea creatures.

The only downside was the smell -- eau de plastique extraordinaire. I left the window open today hoping that some of the plastic smell will dissipate into the atmosphere.

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