Thursday, August 6, 2009

Full moon women's gathering in Evanston

I attended a women's gathering for the full moon last night in Evanston. It was really nice, very pleasant, soothing and refreshing.

The gathering consisted of what I would describe as two rounds of check-in around a particular topic -- women friends -- using a lit candle as a speaking stone.

I've often been struggling with "fullness" in past weeks -- an emotional state in which I can't do any more listening to anybody because I've been listening so much to Mom -- but last night I was able to listen to everybody and come away feeling refreshed rather than more tired. I imagine that was because there was no need to figure anybody out or listen at a deeper level, as I do with Mom.

The topic is one on which I could talk for hours (a major theme in Practically Shameless), so it was hard at first to know what to say, but I was more than halfway around the circle of a dozen women from where the first woman started, so I had time to collect my thoughts and follow the modeling of those who spoke before me.

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