Monday, July 20, 2009

A wonderful walk on the beach

After leaving Mom this evening, I drove to Lake Michigan and walked for half an hour along the beach, feet in the waves -- there were waves today, and whitecaps from an easterly wind. I find few things as beautiful as waves washing up on sand.

I've been realizing that over recent weeks I haven't done a good job of releasing what's going on with Mom, I've been holding onto it instead, not going out much, not dancing or walking or getting much exercise, and that has set me up for more burnout than I might have otherwise experienced. So I'm going to see if I can do a better job of releasing, with walks like this one along the beach.

I was singing as I walked, and didn't stop even when I walked by somebody. "Feed the Birds" from Mary Poppins, mostly.


Rosemary Carstens said...

Sounds like getting out is the perfect solution for clearing your head of all those things that must be difficult about your present situation. All those things that can't be changed. I don't completely understand it, but being outdoors, ESPECIALLY near water, seems to bring so much peace.

Alyce Barry said...

Yes, and the funny thing is, I'm finding I don't even have to be in "nature" per se, I can be walking around the city with traffic noise around me, and still, being outdoors works great. Today I went down to Millennium Park (hoped to get into the Art Institute but got down there too late to make a visit worth it) and discovered Lurie Gardens, a gorgeous large garden space across the street from the new wing of the A.I. I walked over to Buckingham Fountain expecting the light show, which didn't happen, and walked back to the Pritzker Pavilion in time to hear a concert by the US Coast Guard Band. The sky was so beautiful all evening, clouds lit up with sun, and views of the Lake with hundreds of sailboats out enjoying the wonderful weather. I don't know how much of the credit Mayor Daley gets for it, but with the creation of Millennium Park Chicago is more beautiful than London and almost as lovely as Central Park in NYC. There are gardens literally everywhere you look, even along State Street where there used to be litter-strewn sidewalks.