Sunday, July 19, 2009

My day off

I had a great time in the City yesterday, though it was not without incident. I was meeting an old friend from Experian days, who lives on the near north side, and planned to get off at the Division stop on the Red Line -- which just happened to be the site of a major fire, which stopped service to that stop. I was able to get off at Sedgwick instead, and Steve walked to meet me there. We'd planned to go into a coffee shop, but he's on a special diet right now, so instead we walked over to the Lake and walked to Navy Pier! It was a perfect day for walking beside the Lake, warm but not too hot, breezy, and lots of people to watch. I think we started just south of the North Avenue Beach, past Oak Street Beach and at least one other.

Navy Pier was absolutely jammed, I haven't been there in several years, and Steve said it was the most crowded he'd ever seen. We walked out to the end of the Pier where there were fewer people and less music over loudspeakers, and sat at a bench and talked. Steve has brain cancer and will undergo an unpleasant procedure on Wednesday called gamma knife radiation.

From there we walked almost the rest of the way to Millennium Park, before I realized my insides were empty and I needed food, having not eaten since breakfast. We parted company and I indulged in Giordano's stuffed pizza with mushrooms - best damn pizza in the world, as far as I'm concerned.

I walked to Millennium Park and discovered there was a free classical concert. I went into the Pritzger Pavilion to wait for the concert and realized I didn't want to wait that long. I love the Pavilion, it's one of the most thrilling architectural spaces I've ever been in. But I didn't know for certain how long the trains were running and wanted to put my feet up - they weren't sore, just tired, and wanting to be up.

Next Saturday night is another free concert, and this one is an opera program, I'm trying to think of somebody I know who might enjoy going with me to hear some opera.

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