Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quick, breathless update on plans

I don't have the focus to write a well-written update on my plans, so this will be quick and probably breathless.

I'm moving at the end of next week, on Friday the 5th I hope. This is happening quickly for several reasons. One, Mom needs somebody seeing her regularly right now. Two, I can start making money once I'm there and can't until I've moved.

Plans are changing each day. I thought I'd be driving my car and using movers, or perhaps towing my car behind a truck, but it seems my car shouldn't make the journey with me, or that's what brothers are arguing. So I'll likely rent a truck from U-Haul, or a cargo van if I can find one that rents one-way, it would be more comfortable to drive and would use less gas.

It occasionally goes thru my mind that I could ship my stuff using freight, too, since it's mostly boxes and very little furniture, but if I'm not driving my car there's no way for me to get there, and I assume a one-way plane ticket would be expensive at this point.

I feel sad about leaving my car behind. It's a 1991 Honda Accord wagon, and I've driven it for 15 years after buying it used in 1994 from Schaumburg Honda. At the time, the Honda Accord was the #1 rated car in America, and the dealership wouldn't bargain with us at all, zippo. So we took it for the asking price, and what a great car it's been. It's now at 205,000 miles and may need a little work to drive the 1000 miles to Chicago, which is why I'm leaving it here.

Today I'm getting together with writer friends to say farewell, over lunch at Turley's. This will be the third get-together of writer friends, it's been really nice, I've been getting lots of pats on the back.

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