Friday, May 29, 2009

Adventures in moving: karma and humor

I'm giving away many of my household items and pieces of furniture to a couple named Pattie and Greg who just returned from living in Panama, and I think another foreign country before that.

They've been telling me that I'm doing what they did before they left -- selling and giving away things, basically liquidating a household. So it's an illustration of good karma, here they are in need of a whole new household, and here I am liquidating and helping them as they helped others. Feels good.

I had a collection of "Hold Mail" forms from the Post Office, so yesterday I left them in my mailbox for my letter carrier, a very nice guy named Jeff. My note said I'm moving to the Chicago area and could he please use these.

He took the forms and left me my note, with the words, "I blame myself!"

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