Friday, March 6, 2009

The DaVinci Code, redux

I reread The DaVinci Code last week. I enjoyed it a little less the second time because I knew what was coming and was surprised to find how much less exciting the book was with foreknowledge.

After the first reading years ago, I don't think I looked at much of the media responses to the book, and this time I'm interested, so I borrowed several films from the Longmont Library.

The Real DaVinci Code, from Acorn Media and shown on the Discovery Channel, is really very good. Its writer and host, British actor Tony Robinson, is known more for comedy, but he does an excellent job. Perhaps because I'm sleep deprived a lot of the time right now, I'm so impressed with the concise reasoning in Robinson's presentation.

I also enjoy watching him confront people on the lack of evidence for what they're saying. It's unfortunate that DaVinci Code author Dan Brown wasn't willing to be interviewed. Robinson could well use a slogan similar to CNN's Campbell Brown: No bull.

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