Friday, March 27, 2009

Back to the glitz and escape of the 30s/40s?

It seems to me that news coverage is changing a little in reaction to what everyone seems to be calling the "economic downturn."

When I glance through headlines at one of the news sites I regularly check (ABC News, Google News, BBC, Huffpo, etc.), it seems to me I'm seeing fewer stories about upsetting international situations and more escapism. The cute dog who's friends with a duck. The seven-year-old who might have died of what killed Natasha Richardson until her family got her to the hospital. An athletic director fainting during an interview. Michelle Obama's arms, for heaven's sake. A rapper singing in front of a McDonald's to persuade them to open early.

No headlines today about Afghanistan or Pakistan or Iran or Mugabe or Russia or any of the other recent sore spots in international news.

And to top it off, a story on Hollywood celebrities wearing a lot of gold clothing.

If there's any truth in what looks to me like a trend, I imagine news editors are finding that viewers/readers are depressed by the news and wanting relief.

Whether or not I'm right about the trend, I find myself drawn to escapist news right now. I turn off NPR when I can't take it any more and indulge in a documentary about the 1800s.

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Kathy Kaiser said...

Alyce, I agree with you about the news becoming more trivial. It especially upsets me that Michelle Obama is now portrayed as a fashion goddess rather than a strong, intelligent woman.

Is this the sign of the times that we all want to be distracted by trivial stuff? Why do people care so much about the Obamas getting a puppy?