Saturday, February 21, 2009

Anniversary Sale, through Feb. 28th

I've got 2 things to celebrate, so I've marked down books and CDs in the Practically Shameless Press online store by 20% to 52%!

One year ago -- on Monday, February 18, 2008 -- my book about Shadow Work, Practically Shameless, reached the #1 spot on's Bestseller list of books about Jungian psychology. (It also appeared on Bestseller lists in three other categories.)

Reaching the #1 spot was made possible by purchases by people like you, who have supported the Press from the very beginning. Thank you again!!

That appearance at #1 also laid the foundation for the book's appearance on that Bestseller list for 52 weeks since then.

Let me repeat that --

As of February 18, 2009, Practically Shameless has been on's Bestseller list of books about Jungian psychology for 52 weeks!

To see the sale items, please visit the Practically Shameless Press online store.

And let me say in addition --

The Tombstone Process CD can literally change your life in a matter of hours. It's a gentle, effective, and deeply touching emotional process you can do on your own at home, to let go of a painful dynamic that has been your unconscious way of loving somebody. I've used it myself multiple times, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

The Clean Talk CD can change the way you communicate so that you avoid and resolve conflict, get your point across more effectively and get more of what you want from the conversation. It teaches you to use Clean Talk, the way we communicate in Shadow Work when there is conflict or strong emotion present.

The Shadow Work Basics CD can teach you about yourself and about the four archetypal energies in you.

Practically Shameless, in paperback and on audio CD, is a personal story of transformation that explains Jung's psychology from the inside out.

And by the way, the 2nd thing I'm celebrating is the 2nd printing, which arrived on Thursday. The Press offices are full of boxes of books. Yes!!!


Mandy Walker said...

Congratulations on the best seller listings, Alyce. Definitely worthy of a celebration or may be even a couple.

design4life said...

You're awesome Alyce! You have every reason to be proud of that accomplishment. Sue Campbell

Rosemary Carstens said...

Congratulations, Alyce! You have worked so hard and accomplished an amazing amount over this past 52 weeks. I feel absolutely certain that ripples have gone out from your work that have made an impact on thousands of lives.

Rosemary Carstens said...

I wanted to add that I don't know HOW you keep up your schedule!