Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Starting over, but with history

I'm starting over with a new blog, after having saved the entries from my old WordPress blog that was installed at my website,

I ran into a number of problems and first looked at creating a new blog at WordPress. But the WordPress import/export feature doesn't work worth a damn, and I'd prefer not to go through this again. I exported the old blog twice, and imported it into a new WordPress blog, and only 112 entries were saved, out of I'm not sure how many hundred. All of 2007 was gone. Most of 2008 was gone.

It's not that I believe every precious word I write is worth saving - far from it. But on some topics in particular, it's important to me to save what I've written, because I may end up using them as material for a book someday.

I'll be formatting the saved entries and posting links to them here when they're ready. In the meantime, I'll enjoy being free and clear to post again.

And I'll be delighted to have WordPress uninstalled on my website and stop receiving upwards of 400 spam comments per day. With their latest update, WordPress fixed some kind of breach that has allowed spammers to post comments on my blog without having registered. I'm getting really tired of deleting spam comments; it's been going on since December 19th.

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