Thursday, January 8, 2009

Real info learned from Twitter

I've been using Twitter for only a short time, and I've been wondering when it would prove tangibly useful. And that day was today.

This morning my friend and fellow Boulder Media Women member (and Longmont resident) Beth Hayden posted links to Boulder County sites with info about the wildfires. (Another friend and BMWer, Andrea Meyer, described a hike she took and posted a photo that shows fire damage in the foothills.)

And then a tweet from the New York Times mentioned this NYT article which told me that the Obama soon-to-be-administration is asking Congress to delay the switch from analog to digital TV transmission, and that the government ran out of funding for coupons to buy the converter boxes so long ago that a million requests for coupons have gone unanswered. A million! And I haven't even requested one yet!

Procrastination wins again!!

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