Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The "ghost" of a Nine

One of the words that Enneagram expert Russ Hudson uses to describe an Enneagram Nine who's below-average in emotional health is "ghost." And when I hear someone referred to as a ghost, I've come to think of it as a fairly reliable indicator that the person may be a Nine. So I was interested to see Richard Corliss describe President Bush with that word in his TIME magazine review of Oliver Stone's film W. I was initially surprised when Russ typed Bush as a Nine, because his "with us or against us" paranoia toward the world had led me to think Bush was a Six. But I've come to agree with Russ. If Bush were a Six, and functioning this far below average, he'd be paranoid in the extreme and reminiscent of Adolf Hitler, one of history's lowest-functioning Sixes.

Last week I watched the film Walk the Line for the first time since seeing it in the theater, and was delighted by the quality of the commentary by director James Mangold, who refers to Johnny Cash as a "ghost" during the period of Cash's life when he was strung out on speed. I've got several documentaries about Cash in my Netflix queue and will be interested to see if Cash was a Nine. Based on Mangold's film, Cash's wife, June Carter, was an Enneagram Two, and Twos and Nines often have a very successful long-term relationship, similar to that between George W. and Laura Bush.

Mangold's commentary goes into detail about his conversations with John and June before their deaths and reveals the truth behind scenes in the film that didn't appear in either of the stars' autobiographies. I really enjoy a good commentary from a directory that's much more thoughtful than the "this was the first scene we filmed, and it was raining" sort of thing.

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woman said...

Ciao Alyce,
My favourite film is WALK THE LINE, i have seen it several times, and i can tell u Jhonny Cash was a 8. LEADER! Because 9. never agressive... !!!
I did read Enneagram by Don Riso...I mean in that book Jhonny Cash was 8! Unfortunatelly I don't know June Carter...