Saturday, January 10, 2009

Andrea using Twitter at the ChicksWhoClick conference

My friend Andrea Meyer is "livetweeting" the ChicksWhoClick conference, and I'm having fun reading. For those who haven't discovered Twitter yet, "livetweeting" means sending Twitter updates while attending an event, similar to the kind of live blogging that sites like the Daily Kos do, but using Twitter rather than a traditional blog. If you've used Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn or any other social networking site, a tweet is similar to the kind of status update you make there ("what are you doing right now?") but many tweets are informative and manage to squeeze in a URL, usually by condensing it first at or, since a tweet can be only 140 characters long. It's amazing how informative a 140-character message can be.

I don't know if Andrea is using a laptop or a PDA to tweet from the conference, but she's sending out both informative and funny tweets you can read at her Twitter page. If you click "Follow" beneath her picture at the top, her tweets will show up at your own Twitter page. Andrea has several hundred followers.

Here's my Twitter page. I was warned by a friend that Twitter can quickly become addictive, and I'm beginning to see why. It struck me yesterday that Twitter is somewhat similar to a blog reader (like Google Reader, bloglines, etc.) which shows which blogs have a new entry, and if you click the name of a blog in your list, you see the entries and can start reading. Your Twitter page is different in that you see the most recent tweets from everyone you're following, one after another on the same page. So on my Twitter page this morning there are updates from the folks I'm following, including Andrea, the Daily Kos, and the New York Times. To see all the tweets from any of these parties, click on their name to see their Twitter page.

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attentiontolife said...

I really need to learn more about Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc...I must be the only person alive without one of these accounts. Am I out of touch or just putting my attention elsewhere??

All good wishes!!